About Us

Por Piedad Teatro Foundation is a non for profit organization whose purpose is to promote the dialogue between two cultures -Mexican and American- so close to one another and yet so different through cutting edge contemporary theater. We aim to create a bridge of mutual collaboration and generate links at different levels; from joining forces with the most talented theatre professionals from both countries to opening lines of communication that allow for mutual understanding.

Por Piedad Teatro was founded in Mexico City in 1999. After twelve years as one of Mexico`s leading independent theatre companies, Por Piedad Teatro Foundation has begun activities in New York City. Our company produces contemporary theatre of the highest quality, always looking to come forth with significant and profound pieces out of unexpected tales and dangerous texts.

The company supports theatre artists, both emerging and successfully established, from Mexico and around the world by facilitating development workshops, rehearsed readings, and major theatre productions. By providing the infrastructure and expertise, we ensure the development of a sustainable and relevant mix of Mexican and international performative culture.

In New York City, Por Piedad Teatro Foundation is home to Mexican artists and performers set out to reach new audiences, offering an opportunity to enjoy authentic, first-class multicultural theater, bringing the very best of Mexican, American and international artists together to create new relevant work.

By removing the safety net of established parameters, Por Piedad Teatro Foundation seeks to energize the process of making theatre; seizing all opportunities born from international collaboration while challenging fellow artists to work in new and potentially demanding ways.

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